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Welcome to ToonTeach – the online Social Skills classroom for kids!

ToonTeach is a service-driven initiative by parents, to share their learnings with other parents, teachers and therapists, in the hope that children with social skill deficits can benefit from them. We will be sharing social stories, strategies, apps, games, tips and other resources that will help address some of the issues in the social-skills arena. The resources are targeted at kids of all abilities – high functioning kids on the autism spectrum, those with Aspergers, social communication disorder, PDD-NOS, ADHD, gifted kids who are twice exceptional, and for all others in the murky grey areas of social thinking. We don’t believe that a label defines a child, and believe that each kid will improve the more we work with him or her. We like to think of each child that has these difficulties as our own, and want to empower each one of them to lead an independent, enriched, fulfilled life to their highest potential.

Our books and appsĀ use cartoons and comics as a medium to reach out to kids – hence, the name ToonTeach. Our kidsĀ are visual learners, and readily soak in information when it is presented in a graphical format and has a fun element attached to it. We hope the resources are useful to you.


Write to us, Tell us how we’re doing. Tell us what helped and how we can serve you better. Collaborate with us. Or, just say drop in and say “Hi” :) We love hearing from you!


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